Overview: What if you knew the interests of each user who visits your site? Would you show everyone the same content? You don't have to.

Delivering hyper-relevant user experiences

Newstogram is at the forefront of delivering hyper-relevant user experiences.

Our belief is that creating user experiences that are truly relevant to users requires a deep understanding of each user’s respective and unique interests. As such, our platform focuses on delivering individual relevance by leveraging our dynamic interest-profiles, built through tracking users’ daily interactions with a range of digital content. Combining deep knowledge about each user’s interests with the predictive algorithms in our proprietary recommendation engine allows us to surface topics, articles, video, photos, events, advertisements and products that are best matched for each user’s interests — which consequently leads to higher user-engagement and satisfaction.

Newstogram is currently used by more than 20 major media companies; has created and maintains more than 35 million dynamic interest profiles and currently collects more than 4 million new content data points per day.