Palladium Equity Partners

Palladium Equity Partners, LLC ( is an investment firm targeting companies in media, business and financial services, consumer/retail, food/restaurants, healthcare, and manufacturing. The principals of Palladium have invested more than $2.5 billion of equity in more than 50 portfolio companies over the past two decades. Formed in 1997, Palladium has capital under management in excess of $750 million.

ZG Ventures

Led by Miles Gilburne, ZG Ventures is a Washington DC-based private investment firm. Gilburne is a unique corporate strategist, venture capitalist, deal maker and technology lawyer with more than 25 years of experience. From 1994 to 1999, he served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development of Americal Online (AOL), where he was responsible for strategic planning and major corporate acquisitions, joint ventures, and alliance. Before joining AOL, Gilburne was a founding partner of The Cole Gilburne Fund, an early stage venture capital fund, and a founding partner of technology and media law firm in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Global Solutions

An international, independent, asset management and professional consulting organization providing financial advisory, strategic consulting and outsourced management services to some of Latin America’s leading corporations and select international clients with ties to Latin America. Global Solutions was founded in January 2000 by its Chief Executive Officer, Jose Luis Suarez. Before forming Globso, Suarez held senior positions in the public and private sector, including Economic Advisor to Ecuador’s President Gustavo Noboa.