The Newstogram personalized content recommendation engine borrows and builds upon the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of content personalization technologies, yet remains compact and modular for quick and easy implementation by publishers and e-commerce sites of all sizes.

Newstogram creates and builds behavioral profiles for each site visitor, then deploys semantic analysis of content, clickstream activity, contextual relevance, observed behaviors and crowd-sourced patterns to deliver highly personalized and nuanced text, audio and video content recommendations in real time – all with no PII, no need whatsoever for individual registration or input of any sort.

Your customizable Newstogram Analytics Report dashboard delivers critical data on visitors and content in real time to help you fine-tune and optimize your site experience.

To get you started with Newstogram, we need to do two things:

  • Create visitor profiles and collect data on which articles, videos or audio clips your visitors consume. You’ll need to drop a small piece of JavaScript on every asset page of your site (it only takes about an hour for most sites). Doing so allows us to assign each computer a unique ID and store that ID in a cookie. It also allows us to capture the URL, unique ID and other information from each page viewed by each computer.

  • Analyze your content. We extract and analyze the topics, people, teams, organizations and other entities from every piece of content on your site. To ensure the accuracy of our data analysis, we prefer direct access to your content via APIs rather than scraping your pages. Any metadata we find en route will be included in our analysis, although we can also crawl your pages to get a copy of your content in order to get started quickly and with minimal effort at your end.